About Us

The Waterloo Alley Cat Project (WACP) is a small nonprofit group of 7 dedicated people volunteering their time to care for the abandoned/feral cats that live in the burgeoning arts and retail district on Waterloo Road in Cleveland, Ohio. WACP implemented the humane method of trap-neuter/spay-release (TNR) in November 2009 to protect the lives of a large number of unsterilized cats that were roaming the streets in search of food and shelter. As a result, we have spayed and neutered over 150 cats, found homes for approximately 20, and are currently managing 3 healthy cat colonies.

We are proud to report that our TNR program is working. The cat population in our neighborhood is decreasing and, in the process, we have saved the lives of many cats. The cats are now part of the community and protected. We have had our share of growing pains, but have been able to overcome challenges by keeping our mission and core values in front of us.  We are always learning something new. Our project is helping the neighborhood visually, environmentally and brings people of all ages together who want to help the community as well as the cats. We hope to become an inspiration and example to other Cleveland neighborhoods who are living with large populations of free roaming unsterilized cats due to the high number of foreclosures in our economically challenged city. Through teamwork, our mission is to improve and protect the lives of all feral cats; and teach that all life is connected.

Vision - For all neighborhoods to value and protect the lives of animals and people equally.

Mission – Through teamwork, we aim to improve and protect the lives of stray/abandoned cats; and teach that all life is connected.

Core Values – We believe that all life has value and has a right to live free of cruelty.